I have thought about doing a number of exceptional things with my life, and in my formative years I considered careers in medicine, music, aviation and architecture (among others).  

Every course I took, every field I explored, was meaningful and compelling…  I was curious about almost everything I encountered – intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

I have chosen a career in the Visual Arts, making paintings and sculptures, because these endeavors are so remarkable, and so difficult.  I believe that the making of original fine art is the most challenging, and the most complex, and the most stimulating discipline of all. 

In this fertile field there are few roadmaps and few guarantees.  I enjoy and appreciate the thrill of the aesthetic chase, and the risk factor inherent in taking imaginative roads less travelled.

As such I embrace the blank canvas and the imposing block of wood. Coming up with something extraordinary where nothing existed before is one of life's great pleasures, and rewards.    

This is what artists do every day. 

                                                             - David Chamberlain

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